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released March 15, 2014

Word and Music by Claus Larsen
except Extinction Protocol : Music - Decoded Feedback. Words - Claus Larsen
A very special and loving thanks to all the ultra talented people who helped with all the remixes - see you out there!!


all rights reserved



Leaether Strip Vegger, Denmark

Been doing this since I was 14, and I'm going to continue until i drop dead. Thank's for your support!!!!


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Track Name: We fail we forget
We Fail We Forget

Feel the weight
of the sky up there
It's pushing down
on the people below
a small victory
if you can stand up straight
a small world
if you walk the line

We fail We forget
our minds
we fail We forget
our strength
our weaknesses

Fell the touch
of your first love
you get the first chills
it shakes your world apart
nobody really loves you
nobody really hates
It's all in your head
your questions are unanswered

a grain of sand
taken by the wind
across the dry lands
towards the open seas
why do they leave us
why do they pass away
where is my first love
please shake my world apart
Track Name: Sanctuary

watch my corrosion
you've never seen me act like this before
nasty intentions
I want you where you cannot fight back
Cannot fight back

Beats are repeating
I see your hate but I just don't care tonight
Burnt out like fever
the colour of my mind is darker than you think
darker than you think

Come here and walk with me
I'll be your sanctuary
I will not stand in your way
Come here and walk with me
I'll be your sanctuary
I will be more than a friend

I'll take you to my loving home
where voices will not torment you
The hateful walls you'll climb with ease
Your mind will fight off your disease
Track Name: Hold me
Hold me

Crawling over fences
that was planted by the ones who hurt you
trying to escape this mess but
you are stuck here
you are stuck here
I would give you all I have
but you wont take it anyway
stubborn as a mule you sit there
growing old
growing cold

Hold me
tell me it's OK
hold me
tell me it's gone
Hole me
tell me it's OK
Hole me and never let go

Picking flowers in the desert
for a lover left alone
hunting for the one you cant reach
wanting more
wanting more
beating up yourself wont matter
hearts are cold and made of stone
no amount of pain will cure you
you're the clown
you go down

The lies they can keep
they hurt they can burn
the stories they told me
just messed with my head
I'm here for you now
I'm sorry I left
I hope you forgive me
don't leave me for dead
Track Name: Humanity - Equality

Making a difference
guiding the blind
climbing the walls
they built to hold you in
only to find more obstructions

Oh give me the strength
to break them down
Just give me the words
and not the weapons
I know I can do this
I know I can reach the goal
You know I'm a fighter
You know I'm not letting go
letting go

Where do I find
Where do they hide

We're trying to reach out
only to fail
So where do I find
people who care
Who are we to judge
who is on their side
I wish I could stop them
I wish I had the strength
We honor the dead
While we piss on the living
Track Name: Hold your fire
"Hold your fire"

One more day was wasted
Counting bullet holes
I escaped from your embrace
unmistakeable disgrace

Two more nights of anger
counting craters on the moon
I'd like to know your secrets
I'd like to explore your dark side

Hold your fire
Hold your fire

Moving boulders for you
with my bare hands
I'm trapped inside your evil
a glance can trigger your hate

I see a boy in your eyes
I see a broken soul
So gentle so forgiving
no there is no fear in love
no fear in love
no fear in love

One thousand words
that cant be said
one truth for all mankind
one way to love
one way to die
One thousand fools
will tell you lies
Track Name: Suicide summer school
Suicide summer school

You feel so lonely
You heard them talking
you hate yourself now
are you the problem

They froze you out mate
They saw you suffer
they should have stopped them
Just come to me now

I can help
I can help
I can Help
I can help you
I can help
I can help
I can Help
cause' I can help you

Suicide Summer School
We can teach you what is true

You scratch the surface
to let the worms out
I know it's nasty
But you're the problem

They took your childhood
left you with strangers
It didn't stop them
they let you bleed out
Track Name: The hired man
The hired man

You say fires burn in my eyes
some say I destroy myself
You tell me to keep on digging
cause one day I will find what I need

Magnifying glass's don't lie
you told me they destroy the magic
Some say luck will find her owner
you told me to embrace the black cats

the hired man
I am the hired man

Worn out feeling so used and dirty
Sleep wont come to my rescue this time
All these voices I are still so vivid
I still hear them beg for dear life

My face is still the same face you loved
My sins are not worse than yours
My death will not even raise an eyebrow
My life was just a waste just like yours
Track Name: Strong boys
"Strong Boys"

Strong boys never tell their secrets
Strong boys always shut their mouths
Strong boys never fall for losers
Strong boys always carry you home

...when you're too drunk to do stuff

Strong boys
Strong boys

Strong boys never peak through key holes
Strong boys always live to tell
Strong boys really love their cars
Strong boys always drive you home

...when you're too fucked up on all sorts of cheap
shit you bought from that fucking hippie next door

Strong boys
Strong boys

Strong boys dont care about your shit
Strong boys really love their Mom's
Strong boys always smell like feet
Strong boys dont really dance that well

..and the DJ just put on "behind the wheel"
you used to jump around to with that ugly idiot
sister of yours who used to say all sorts of crap about me
Track Name: Trash Talker
"Trash Talker"

I head into the summer night fog
where everyone's found and no one is lost
the urge to block my recurring pain
will fall on my skin like corrosive rain

trash talker
mind bender
thought stalker
first offender

The Devil took my sins away
one by one she flogged them out of me
but purity dont make the man
I need the dirt to complete my path

My thoughts are hidden from the world
My words are vultures hanging in the air
My sadness overshadows your heart
My demons hurt me more than you can ever hurt me
Track Name: In fire on fire
In fire on fire

The reckless boys
the heartbreak matters
in ugly cars with broken daughters
my fingers itch from too much scratching
I feel the need
I feel the coming of me

in fire on fire in fire we're fire
in fire on fire in fire we're fire

The truckstop whores
my boys are horny
the hunt for meat
the search for bodies
the smell of lust is sweet like honey
you feel the need
you feel me coming inside you

in fire on fire in fire we're fire
do you feel my fire
in fire on fire in fire we're fire
do you feel your fire

c'mon c'mon c'mon
Track Name: Unhuman response
Unhuman Response

We are born into this
world without the fear of mankind
walking through the Corridors
avoiding all the cobwebs
are we all corrupted by the
monsters in our closets
are the children really screaming
to get your attention

Unhuman response

if you turn your back on pain
you cannot see the carnage
they're just here to watch you hurt
the monsters will reward you
all the time you've spent in fear
is coming back to haunt you
tortured souls will rip you up
and tear the meat from your bones

Unhuman response

Honouring the life they gave us
Honouring forgiveness
is this world fit for humans
is this world inhumane
Track Name: I'm not the one
I'm not the one

don't waste your time on me
it's too late

why do these memories return
when all I want do
is make them fade away
I cannot make it go away
that first abuse was all it
took to taint my soul
Still blood stains I can see
Still salty tears I taste
though they was washed away
a no still means the same
the blame will stay with you
no matter what you say

I'm not the one you seek
this boy is far to weak
Just stay away from me
I'm not for you - you see

don't waste your time on me
it's too late

Why do I always walk away
and hide behind the walls
I built those years ago
I'm running from a world
a world that cannot see
the pain I'm drowning in
The things he did to me
unspeakable and vile
would anyone believe
My mirror will reflect
the shell I have become
how do I end it all
Track Name: The dark gates of sundown
The Dark Gates of Sundown

A lonely soul watching from the dark
hiding behind a dirty window
The sounds echo in the alleys
The cats seeks shelter from the wind

A mother drags her little boy
away from the playground
His tears are hidden by the rain
the other children stop and stare
for a second

The dark gates of sundown
the street lights turn on
The dark gates of sundown
the wet streets turn into mirrors

The cold touch of a strangers hand
you turn - but no one is there
Too scared to search for the truth you need
too proud to blame yourself
Track Name: It doesnt hurt to hurt you
It doesn't hurt to hurt you

down boy down you make me look pretty
you make be feel dirty you slutty little fat boy
give me the key to all your inhibitions all your inhibitions
all your little dirty thoughts

it doesn't hurt to hurt you to hurt to hurt you

Feel boy feel I know you wanna do this I know you wanna fell this
I know you want it bad now scream boy scream you
know I will ignore you know I will destroy you
know I wont let you go wont let you go wont let you go I wont let you
go go go go go

Down boy down you know that you deserve this
you know you it will teach you
to never cross that line again

don't blame me for that all you couldn't handle
for all you couldn't reach and all the shit you dump on everyone and

everything and everyone one one one one two three four

it doesn't hurt to hurt you to hurt to hurt you
cause I enjoy to hurt you to hurt to hurt you to hurt
Track Name: Extinction Protocol (with Decoded Feedback)
Extinction Protocol

Hurt me
the truth
in my embrace

become a stone
a timeless task
a hurtful past
become a bird
a feathered angel
I hatch them out
like laughter on a cloudy day

you come to me
you let me hold you
the help is here
you let me dry your tears away
no joy in pain
no harm in comfort
like falling bricks
you shatter when you hit the ground

No man is a saint to me
please burn your double standards
No man is a warrior
please leave your weapons at the door

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