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by Leæther Strip

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released November 16, 2012

All songs composed by Claus Larsen
Recorded at the Strip Farm
Special thanks:
Kurt, Luffe & Alvin, Mor, Pia & Buster,
Jörg Freier & records,
Andrea & Rene (AD:keY), Needle Sharing, FGFC820,
and to everyone who's keeping our scene alive.
Rest in peace Bufas.

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all rights reserved



Leaether Strip Vegger, Denmark

Been doing this since I was 14, and I'm going to continue until i drop dead. Thank's for your support!!!!


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Track Name: Kiss My Deutschland
Kiss My Deutschland!

Ich danke dir

We celebrate the beautiful boys
We celebrate the beautiful girls

we need your Power
we need determination
you want the beat
you want the beat

turn around and push your limits
turn around and slam your neighbor

Kiss my Deutschland
Mein lieber freund
Kiss my Deutschland
Ich danke dir
Track Name: Cardiac Arrest
Cardiac Arrest

Why did I turn back
the hell I know is fragile
swept through a vortex
sucked into nothingness
I walked with dark souls
I slept among the thieves
Just for your arrogance
and not your ruthlessness
I paint my own face
in shades of grey
to hide from you
behind the thin walls
I run like death
I rest in burnt down houses
You taught me how to hurt
You were the hurt itself

Who are you
Cardiac arrest
Who am I
Cardiac Arrest

My sisters tears run
and I can’t be there for her
My true love is in pain
and I can’t heal him
I'm digging for the roots
in my secret garden
I only find the bones
the bones of wasted lives
the bones of wasted deaths

You hurt
Track Name: Strong women - Hardcore females
Strong Women - Hardcore females

Swept away
guide us there
skin like snakes
eyes like cats
Old and young
wrapped in beauty
giving life
giving hope

Strong Women - Hardcore females

no one mentioned
non forgotten

Show us how
lead us to peace
make us see
show us how to love
walk with grace
proud and vibrant
show your courage
this world need's it

No man
no woman
one gender
one strength

Strong Women - Hardcore females
Track Name: Power Trip
Power trip

Oh man I think I feel it coming
Oh shit I feel my power flow
Oh no you better move away
Because I know better
Because I know better
than you

No way you can’t fool me
No chance you'll get inside my head
I know I can control you
Because I know better
Because I know better
Than you

Power Trip

Sure you can be my friend
But before I let you
there is something you should know.
I know everything about you and
if you ever cross me...I'll destroy you
Because I know better
Because I know better
Than you

Power Trip

Because I know better
Because I know better
Than you
Track Name: The March of Man
The march of man

I'm not here
you won’t see me here again
Keep watching your forests burn
We don’t see it
we never have
as long as the cash flow’s steady
we run like ants to honey

The march of man

I watch polluted skies
I watch the dessert grow
I do nothing
I still do nothing
We're still here
for some reason we survive
Hearts dark as the night
Like roaches we go on

No trace of hope
No trace of love
I feel so very sick
I hate my kind

The march of man
Track Name: Mirrors

my mother told me not to walk with strangers
But I did it, hahah! I did it
my mother told me to act like a good boy
And It did it, but I wasn’t.
Once I had a halo to polish
I wish I had one, but you stole it
I never felt I was a part of anything
So if you hate me, I'll hate you back

I'm gonna break your mirrors baby
I need to see some cracks in your reflection
I'm gonna break your mirrors baby
7 years of hell is what you deserve

I wear my heart in a torn brown paper bag
cause it's dirty yeah it's filthy
I cross the street with my green eyes closed
Just because I can and don’t try to stop me
I always take the backstreets home
I like the danger I want to see it's face
No place is safe when I'm around
So keep the lights on Baby Cause I’m a time bomb

OK I know I've been a bad boy
But I'll make it up to you, I promise
I can crawl around on this sticky floor for you
make me do things, something nasty
let me be your fat bitch
let me be your fat bitch
let me be your fat and ugly bitch

Meet me down at the Glory Hole bar
you can fuck me in the darkroom
Meet me down at the Glory Hole bar
you can fuck me in the darkroom
Track Name: It Happend on Christmas Day
It happened on Christmas Day

It happened on Christmas Day
A simple man out from the moors
John blacksmith was his name
He worked from dawn till late at night
to feed his family
Of wife and children he was proud
they were his pot of gold
He build a home for them in stone
He built it on his own

It happened on Christmas Day
A freezing cold December day
while forging on a scythe
the hammer slipped and broke his hand
the bleeding wouldn’t stop
He stuffed a finger into the wound
to stop the pouring blood
He knew he had to get some help
He ran home through the snow

It happened on Christmas Day
John Blacksmith felt that help was near
his house was now in sight
But what he saw inside his home
Would end in tragedy
Another man was in his bed
together with his wife
He took his axe and killed them both
it happened on Christmas Day

Merry Christmas everyone!

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